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Vaginoplasty photos

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be 18 years and older to view this page.

Vaginoplasty Photos

The photos below show patients after vaginoplasty performed by Dr. Crane and Dr. Satterwhite.

Immediate Postop:

Pt Q intraop Picture1 vag2

There is a urethral catheter that will remain 5 days. Suture line is prominent at first but smooths out quickly. The bolster dressing also stays on for 5 days.

2-8 Weeks Postop:

1 stage vaginoplasty vagin_1stage_ptJ_300x225

Patient A: 3 weeks postop

IMG_2171 IMG_2175

Patient B: 6 weeks postop

2-6 Months Postop:

Patient N 3 months postop

Patient C: 3 months postop

Pt O 3 months postop

Patient D: 3 months postop


Patient D1: 5 months postop

Patient L 6 months postop

Patient E: 6 months postop


Patient F: 6 months postop


Patient G: Older patient, 6 months postop


Patient H: 6 months postop


Patient H1: 6 months postop

vaginoplasty 7 weeks postop

Patient H2: 6 months postop


Patient H3: 6 months postop

6-12 Months Postop:

Pt R 7 months postop

Patient I: 7 months postop

Vag1yr vag1yr2

Patient J: 1 year postop


Patient K: 1 year postop


Patient L: 1 year postopvag1yr5

Patient M: 1 year postop

Patient N: 1 year postop


Patient O: 1 year postopvag1yr8old

Patient P: 1 year postop, older patient (70 years old)