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“I really enjoyed my pre-op appointment with Dr. Crane. It’s clear he has a great interest in progressing all aspects of the trans community in addition to me as a patient.”
“Dr. Crane made me feel very comfortable. I think a few of his strengths are how personable he is and his ability to listen. He explained every surgical option in as much detail as I asked until I understood exactly what he was talking about.”
“It’s so refreshing to find a doctor that is so passionate about what he does. I was impressed that he could have started working 4 years before he did, but chose to continue learning in further fellowships to give his patients the best care possible.”
“The problem I have with going to the doctor is that they are self important and interrupt when the patient is talking. I couldn’t believe he didn’t interrupt me once! He listens instead of talking over me!”

Gender Surgery in San Francisco

Dr. Crane and staff at Brownstein & Crane Surgical Services are proactively developing solutions that will expedite the wait times for surgery and improve the high quality comprehensive care his current and potential patients expect.
Dr. Crane was featured in Bloomberg News and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Satterwhite was featured in ABC NewsMarin News, and Yahoo
Dr. Crane has opened a second practice in Austin, TX. He selected Austin for many reasons, including the vibrant LGBT community living there and the more convenient location for Midwest and East Coast patients. It is our strong belief at Brownstein & Crane that more access to high-quality surgical care across the country will not only decrease surgical wait times, but also strengthen the understanding, support, and acceptance of the medical, political, and social movements for the trans community.

Our experts in phalloplasty are consistently performing 4-5 phalloplasties per week, which is the highest volume in the world.


Dr. Crane expresses his sincere gratitude for being voted Best FTM Bottom Surgeon in FTM Magazine’s Best of 2014.


MTF Surgery & FTM Surgery Procedures

Dr. Brownstein personally trained Dr. Crane in FTM top surgery. In addition to top surgery, the practice offers all surgical procedures for male to female, female to male and gender non-conforming patients. Dr. Satterwhite performs FTM top surgery and body masculinization, as well as all MTF procedures including vaginoplasty, breast augmentation, facial feminizing procedures, and all cosmetic procedures.