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“I really enjoyed my pre-op appointment with Dr. Crane. It’s clear he has a great interest in progressing all aspects of the trans community in addition to me as a patient.”
“Dr. Crane made me feel very comfortable. I think a few of his strengths are how personable he is and his ability to listen. He explained every surgical option in as much detail as I asked until I understood exactly what he was talking about.”
“It’s so refreshing to find a doctor that is so passionate about what he does. I was impressed that he could have started working 4 years before he did, but chose to continue learning in further fellowships to give his patients the best care possible.”
“The problem I have with going to the doctor is that they are self important and interrupt when the patient is talking. I couldn’t believe he didn’t interrupt me once! He listens instead of talking over me!”

Gender Surgery in San Francisco

Dr. Curtis Crane, who is Board Certified, has a very unique background in that he is one of the world’s only physicians who is dually trained as both a plastic surgeon and reconstructive urologist. With this combination of specialties, Dr. Crane is particularly trained to treat patients requiring major genito-urinary reconstruction, such as in female to male and male to female sex confirmation surgery. He completed a urology residency at Dartmouth, a fellowship in trauma and reconstructive urology at Detroit Receiving Hospital, and plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Dr. Crane recently traveled to Europe to complete a fellowship specific to gender surgery. He is well published in both urology and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Pursuing his interests in gender confirmation surgery, he has worked extensively with Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic multiple times in Belgrade, Serbia, with Dr. Preecha’s team in Bangkok, Thailand, and with Dr. Monstrey in Ghent, Belgium. Having enjoyed working with transgender patients all over the world, Dr. Crane has settled in San Francisco where he is continuing Dr. Brownstein’s 35 year practice.

Dr. Crane will continue Dr. Brownstein’s legacy by welcoming Thomas Satterwhite, M.D. to his practice in August 2014. Dr. Satterwhite will be joining our practice after completion of a craniofacial fellowship in Miami, FL under the tutelage of Dr. S. Anthony Wolfe, a world-renowned craniofacial surgeon. Dr. Thomas Satterwhite obtained his Bachelor’s Degree (Human Biology with Honors) and Medical Degree at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. He remained at Stanford Hospital to complete his residency in Plastic Surgery, a highly regarded training program. Dr. Satterwhite’s addition to the practice will continue to solidify our commitment to provide the best surgical options to the trans community.


Dr. Crane would like to express his sincere gratitude for being voted Best FTM Bottom Surgeon in FTM Magazine’s Best of 2014. The constant support he receives from the transgender and gender non-conforming community continues to fuel his passion to provide the best surgical care possible.


MTF Surgery & FTM Surgery Procedures

Dr. Brownstein personally trained Dr. Crane to continue offering his style of FTM top surgery. In addition to top surgery, Dr. Crane offers all SCS procedures for male to female, female to male and gender non-conforming patients. Dr. Satterwhite will be performing top surgery, vaginoplasty, and specializes in facial feminizing procedures.