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FTM Top Surgery (Chest Surgery)

After more than 35 years of perfecting FTM top surgery, Dr. Michael Brownstein trained Dr. Crane in his technique for both dual incision and the keyhole procedures of transforming the female chest into that of a male. Dr. Crane extended that legacy by training Dr. Thomas Satterwhite in his top surgery techniques.

For double incision patients, Dr. Crane and Dr. Satterwhite use a specific technique that allows the avoidance of drains. With the combination of not using drains and performing intercostal nerve blocks before starting the procedure, Dr. Crane’s and Dr. Satterwhite’s patients have minimal post-operative pain.

FTM top surgery 1 year postopTop Surgery Procedures

There are two types of chest surgeries that are offered: the keyhole procedure and the double incision. The keyhole procedure is best for patients that would wear a size “A” or small “B” cup. The procedure does not remove any extra skin or re-position the nipple/areola complex. If a patient has extra skin that would need to be removed to maximize his aesthetic result or need the nipple/areola complex positioned into a more male appearing location, then the double incision should be considered.

Double incision top surgery requires an incision around the lower border of the pectoralis muscle and around the nipple. For large chested patients desiring a masculinized chest, this is the best top surgery option to remove the breast tissue and reposition and reshape the nipple-areola complex.

Keyhole top surgery is better suited for smaller chested individuals with little to no redundant skin. With the keyhole top surgery procedure, a small incision is made around the nipple-areola complex to remove existing breast tissue.

Liposuction and liposculpting can be used as adjunct procedures to further accentuate the results of your top surgery. At the same time as your top surgery, liposuction can be used to remove unwanted fat deposits from under your armpits, and throughout your abdomen and flank regions to give you a more sculpted masculine appearance. Liposculpting is an individual approach, and Dr. Crane and Dr. Satterwhite can talk with you in detail to find a regimen that works best with your body, and that helps to finely tune and highlight your masculinity.

With either double incision or keyhole top surgery, Dr. Crane and Dr. Satterwhite pay special attention to masculinizing the chest with the best possible contour results.

For patients who have had prior surgery, and seek revision, Dr. Crane and Dr. Satterwhite are skilled in corrective procedures. The following patient had prior keyhole (by another surgeon) with dimpling of the chest. Using a double incision and insertion of pectoral implants, Dr. Satterwhite corrected the defect. The after photos are 5 months postop.

Pec Pec2
Pec3 Pec4

FTM Top Surgery Photos

View top surgery before and after photos (double incision) »
(IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be 18 years or older to view.)

Top Surgery Consultations

By email or postal mail: If you are older than 18 and can send pictures of your chest (no images of your face need to be shown) we can decide whether you are a candidate for the keyhole or double incision.

In San Francisco: If you would like to come to San Francisco for a pre-op evaluation before scheduling a surgery, we would be more than happy to meet you. There is no fee for this consultation.

Top Surgery and Teenagers Under 18

The office is very accustomed to treating patients less than 18 years old.  This requires the consent of both parents and two letters of recommendation from mental health care professionals.

For more information, please see the Top Surgery FAQ. For additional details about FTM top surgery costs, chest surgery pictures / photos, please contact us.

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