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Vaginoplasty Preop Instructions

Preoperative Instructions

  1. Cease taking all hormones two weeks prior to surgery.
  2. Stop smoking 1 month pre and postoperatively.
  3. Avoid taking all medications on the “Medications to Avoid” list for two weeks prior to surgery.
  4. No food on day prior to surgery. Clear liquids only.
  5. Please take Magnesium Citrate the day before surgery.
  6. Please take one Dulcolax tablet at bedtime the night before surgery.
  7. Use one Fleet enema on the night before surgery.
  8. Use one Fleet enema the morning before surgery.
  9. Do not wear makeup and please remove all jewelry on the day of surgery.
  10. Be sure to provide a carrying case for your glasses or contact lenses if applicable.
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