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Urethoplasty – Urethral Lengthening

Urethroplasty, or primary urethral lengthening / urethral extension, is typically performed so that trans men can stand to urinate after phalloplasty or metoidioplasty surgery.

Most plastic surgeons performing urethral lengthening on trans patients use the assistance of a general urologist. Not only is Dr. Crane trained in urology in addition to plastic surgery, but he also completed a fellowship in reconstructive urology with Dr. Richard Santucci. Reconstructive urology fellowships specifically focus on surgery of the urethra and urethral stricture disease, which is a known complication of urethral lengthening procedures. Dr. Chen is also a reconstructive urologist and performed complex urethral reconstruction for 3 years at the University of Pittsburgh prior to joining Brownstein & Crane.

Dr. Crane and Dr. Chen have also been trained in vaginectomy procedures, which can be done at the same time as urethral lengthening.

For more information about urethroplasty for metoidioplasty or urethral lengthening for phalloplasty, please contact us.

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