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RF Phalloplasty Photos

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be 18 years and older to view this page.

The photos below are of patients after RF (radial forearm) phalloplasty performed by Dr. Crane.


Phallo RF post op Pt H Phalloplasty with scotoplasty patient I

Patient A Phalloplasty, scrotoplasty, glansplasty, vaginectomy, all done at first stage. Further postop photos below.

Dr. Safir Results:

img1RFA 2

Dr. Crane Results:


Phalloplasty with scrotoplasty, Patient I, three weeks post op.

Patient A (compare to immediate postop photo above) 3 weeks postop. Drains have since been removed and patient is healing well.

Radial forearm phalloplasty without glansplasty and without testicular implants Radial forearm phalloplasty without glansplasty without testicular implants

Patient B  5 weeks post-op, without glansplasty. It can be performed as a small out-patient procedure after phalloplasty. Further postop photos are in B-1 and B-2 below. There is also a link to photo timelines: http://brownsteincrane.com/?p=1744


Patient C  1 month postop.

Patient R Frontal Patient R Close Up Frontal

Patient D  1 month postop.


Patient D1  1 month postop. Patient had a left-sided groin incision for microvascular and nerve anastomosis because he is left handed (donor site is right forearm).


Patient D1 1 month postop, lateral view.


Patient D2  1 month postop.

IMG_2668_2_2 IMG_2666_2_2

Patient D3  1 month postop.

IMG_2641_2_2 IMG_2639_2_3

Patient D4  1 month postop

IMG_2633_2_2 IMG_2634_2_2

Patient D5  1 month postop

IMG_2631_2_2 IMG_2629_2_2

Patient D6 1 month postop


Patient D7  1 month postop.


Patient D8  1 month postop.

Patient E 5 Weeks postop.


IMG_2567 IMG_2567

Patient G 2 months postop.


Patient G1 2 month postop.

rfa phallo 3 mo po Patient H 3 months postop RF phalloplasty with tattoo from donor site.

Patient B RF IMG_2371

Patient H1  3 months postop.

IMG_4923 (2) FullSizeRender

IMG_4904 (2)

Patient H2: 3 month postop; lateral and frontal views. Patient has a tattoo on the left side of his phallus, and the split thickness skin graft behind the corona of the glans is also pigmented.



radial fa phalloplasty 6 mo postopPatient I  6 months postop.

RFF phallo- glansplasty

Patient J  6 months postop. This patient had some flap fat loss and a resultant deflated appearance to his phallus. Dr. Crane performed fat grafting and a glans revision giving a the phallus a full, aesthetic look.

Patient J 6 months PO with glansplasty

Patient J1 6 months postop.

Patient J 6 months PO with glansplasty

Patient J2 6 months postop.

rfa 7 mo postop rfa phallo with glans 7 mo postop

Patient J3  7 months postop

rfa 7 mo postop pt 1 7 mo postop

Patient J4 7 months postop

rfa 7 mo postop

Patient J5 7 months postop

pt 1 7 mo postop

Patient J6 7 months postop


Patient J7  7 months postop

Patient C 8 month postop RF phallo 2 weeks po glans patient c po 8 months phallo, 2 weeks glans

Patient B-1  7 months post 1st stage RF phalloplasty. Patient had delayed glansplasty. This is a 2 week post glansplasty photo.


Patient M 9 months postop.


Patient M1 9 months postop.


Patient M2 9 months postop.


Patient M3 9 months postop.

IMG_2693_2_2 IMG_2701_2_2

Patient N 9 months postop.

Patient P Frontal

Patient P One year post-op. Patient stands to urinate and has erotic sensation from the base to the tip of the phallus.

Patient B-2 16 months postop. Patient had veins tattooed on his penis. He felt these tattoos as he has full tactile and erogenous sensation.

Standing to Urinate: most patients void 2-4 weeks postoperatively

RF Phalloplasty urinating






Camaraderie amongst the patients of Brownstein & Crane Surgical Services.

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