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Phalloplasty Length

The length of the phallus depends on multiple factors including:

  • Donor site: the ALT phallus is typically large and long (5 – 8 in); the RF phallus averages around 5 inches
    • Girth: depends very much on the underlying adipose (fat) tissue as skin and fat is used to build the phallus
  • Patient anatomy: taller patients may sometimes have longer phalli as their arms and thighs have more tissue
  • Skin elasticity: When the donor site is cut, the skin’s elastic properties will lead to a contraction anywhere from 5-30%. With time and gravity, the phallus can sometimes lengthen 0.5 to 1 inch over the course of a year.

Essentially, it is difficult to predict the final result as changes occur slowly over time.