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About the Practice

Gender Surgery in San Francisco

San Francisco

After completing more than 10 years of post medical school surgical training in urology, reconstructive urology,  plastic surgery and a fellowship in transgender surgery in Ghent, Belgium with Dr. Monstrey, Dr. Curtis Crane joined the world renowned Dr. Michael Brownstein in San Francisco to form Brownstein & Crane Surgical Services.

Dr. Brownstein instructed Dr. Crane in his unique FTM top surgery technique which he has perfected during his more than 35 years of practice. Dr. Crane has now furthered Dr. Brownstein’s legacy by training Dr. Michael Safir in this same technique.

Additionally, Dr. Crane and Dr. Rodriguez offer the full spectrum of gender surgery procedures for trans and gender non-conforming individuals, including MTF surgery and FTM surgery.

Dr. Rodriguez specializes in facial feminizing surgery and offers a multitude of MTF procedures including breast augmentation, body feminization, and the whole gamut of cosmetic procedures. Dr. Crane has also trained Dr. Rodriguez in his vaginoplasty technique.  She also performs top surgery for transmen, as well as “male sculpting.”

Our highly qualified staff is known for their compassion and helping each patient make the best decision to suit their needs.

Our office is located in Greenbrae, California, USA, about 20 miles north of San Francisco, California. For more information about having gender surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area with Dr. Crane, please contact us.

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