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FFS Photos

 FFS by Dr. Satterwhite

Photos from Dr. Satterwhite’s patients who have undergone various types of facial feminizing surgery.


Preop lateral view


Postop lateral view






Preop frontal view


Postop frontal view

Patient C: Before and after pictures (6 weeks postop). Procedures performed include reduction genioplasty and mandible tapering.

FFSa3 ffsa4

Patient D: 9 months postop rhinoplasty

ffsb1 ffsb2
ffsb3 ffsb4
ffsb5 ffsb6

Patient E: 7 months post op:  full facial feminization and fat grafting to cheeks and lips.

DSC_0075 Patient E Postoperative Frontal View of FFS
Patient E Postoperative Frontal View of FFS Patient E Preoperative/Postoperative Frontal View of FFS
Patient F: 6 weeks postop after hairline advancement, open brow lift, and rhinoplasty.


Patient D Preoperative Frontal View of FFS Patient D Postoperative Frontal View of FFS
Patient G: Lips immediately after Restylane (hyaluronic acid) Injection. Lips are now upturned in a smile during resting position.


Before trach shave


Immediately after trach shave

trach3 trach4
trach5 trach6
Patient H: Before and after pictures for trach shave, immediate postop and 9 months postop


FFS by Dr. Crane

The photos below show patients after Facial Feminizing Surgery performed by Dr. Crane.

Patient A Preoperative Frontal View of FFSPatient A
Preoperative Frontal View
Patient A frontal view FFS postoperativePatient A
5 Week Postoperative Frontal View
patient A 9 month postoperative frontal viewPatient A
9 Month Postoperative Frontal View
Collage of Postoperative FFS Results on Patient APatient A
Alternate Stages of Postoperative Healing