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Facial Feminizing Surgery (FFS)

Facial feminization surgery consists of a group of surgical procedures that transform the features of a face from male to female. Facial feminization includes surgical manipulation of the hairline, brow, nose, and chin.

The characteristics of a person’s face are often the first aspect we notice when approaching someone. The face is our portal to interact with the outside world. In a glimpse, even a young child will subconsciously assess whether the person in front of them is male or female based on the facial structure.

There are many differences between a feminine and a masculine face. Females tend to have shorter, flatter foreheads with a rounded hairline. The eyebrows are typically higher on the forehead while men have a  square or rectangular hairline and a heavier brow.  In the aesthetic female nose, the top of the nose is mildly concave leading to a slightly upturned tip. The aesthetic masculine nose has a straight dorsum with less concavity, less of an upturned tip and often has a broader or more lobular tip. The female chin is usually less prominent than the male chin, as is the Adam’s Apple.

Although these are aesthetic guidelines, every patient is different. Dr. Crane and Dr. Satterwhite understand that an individualized plan addressing each patient’s cosmetic concerns is the best way to optimize results with facial feminization surgery.

For more information about FFS surgery, FFS before and after pictures and FFS cost, please contact us.

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