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ALT Phalloplasty Photos

The photos below are of patients after ALT (anterior lateral thigh) phalloplasty performed by Dr. Crane.


Phallo ALT Post Op Patient G1st-Stage ALT Phalloplasty, no glansplasty due to less dense blood supply of dermis/skin compared to radial forearm.
anterior lateral thigh phalloplasty 1 month post-op before glansOn occasion, SP tube is required longer than 3 weeks. Donor site is wrapped in bandage and skin graft harvest site has healed well, no longer needing dressing. Phallus is well healed.

ALTLateral view of ALT phallus that has healed well.

anterior lateral phalloplasty one month postoperative patient z before glansplasty

Some patients develop edema (swelling) of their phallus that can persist for as long as 1-2 months after surgery.



anterior lateral thigh phalloplasty lateral view one month postop op before glansplasty

Lateral view of same patient with large penis with significant girth. As time passes, the swelling will improve.

 ALT Crane2 ALT Crane

Patient is 4 months postop from ALT phalloplasty and is 1 month postop from glansplasty.

alt 6 mo postop

6 month postop prior to glansplasty. Pt has healed well and new blood vessel growth into phallus allows safe glansplasty.

rfa 7 mo postop

Glansplasty can safely be performed after 3-9 months when the ALT phallus has healed. This is a 7 month postop ALT phalloplasty and 1 month postop glansplasty.

alt phallo with glans 6 mo postop

6 weeks after glansplasty.

Patient J 6 months PO with glansplasty

2 months after glansplasty.


3 months after glansplasty for patient A, frontal view. The phallus donor site (right leg) and skin graft site (left leg) have healed well. Patient A has a large aesthetic phallus.


3 months after glansplasty of patient A, lateral view.

3 months after glansplasty.

alt glans 6 mo post

1.5 years postop ALT phalloplasty and 6 month postop glansplasty.

VOIDING: 2-4 weeks postop, most patients are able to void
ALT 1 Stage Phalloplasty Standing to Pee PtE 3 weeks postop.


3 weeks postop.

ALT phalloplasty results

4 weeks postop.